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Implisense Companies and Markets

The company search engine Companies and Markets was introduced to the German market for the first time in 2017.The technical innovation lies in the structuring of the content of the German company landscape using machine learning methods. The categorisation function developed by Implisense enables the continuous updating and extension of several million company profiles without the need for editorial work. A fully automated translation of all content into English leads to a significant increase in international visibility for contacting additional customers, alternative suppliers and talented employees. The basic version of the service is free of charge for all users and is supplemented by value-added services for commercial customers. For questions about the offer, please use our contact form as well as our General Terms and Conditions.

About Implisense GmbH

Implisense GmbH is the operator of Companies and Markets at https://companies-and-markets.com/. Implisense GmbH is a technology company founded in 2013 in Berlin with roots from the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in the field of Big Data Analytics. The founding team and the company have received several awards, such as the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2013 in the CRM category, the WECONOMY 2013 start-up competition and the category winner Software/SaaS in the Growth Ranking 2017/2018 start-up scene. Implisense aims to connect people more efficiently and uses machine learning technologies for this purpose. For press enquiries you will find here further information.