About Companies and Markets

About the supplier

Implisense GmbH is a leading provider of marketing and sales automation for B2B in Germany. The team as well as the product have already received several awards - for example in the BMWi start-up competition IKT Innovativ 2011, the 15th NUK Business Plan Competition 2012, the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2013 in the category CRM and the start-up competition WECONOMY 2013.

Companies and Markets

Traditional corporate directories and business information services often base their segmentation of companies on industry classifications. However, rapid technological progress, fundamental innovations in business models and social changes lead to a dramatic change in the corporate landscape in Germany and worldwide. Common classification systems and search criteria, such as industry classes and company sizes, are quickly inadequate, even inaccurate and lag behind the actual possibilities of a data-driven world.

Companies and Markets would like to offer you an intelligent and up-to-date company and market research.

Our selections identify German companies that deal with innovative technologies, current trends or any other search terms on their websites. All this is enabled by applying modern text mining techniques to the content of corporate websites.

The Selections offer you free of charge: an overview of the top hits for the respective inquiry, a selection of current news on the identified companies, as well as summary statistics, e.g. on the regional distribution of the entire company selection.

You can refine your results or search for new target groups by using concise search terms. You can use the individual company profiles to find out more about the respective companies.

Implisense Services

Implisense offers professional tools for further research and analysis in the areas of sales and marketing based on the content provided free of charge. With our Pro App you can apply numerous other filters. This allows you to tailor your selection ultra-fine to your information needs.

Our News-Alert is an easy way for you to receive news on topics of your choice, signal words or certain companies via newsletter. For this purpose, we have already developed a Big Data Index for the analysis of company-specific business news, job advertisements, changes on company websites, tweets and commercial announcements.

Digitalization of Sales and Marketing

We at Implisense think however that this does not correspond to the contemporary picture of market and lead research. It is our goal that in the future machines will support professionals in their research without having to worry about the selection of suitable contact persons.

For this purpose you can already use our Pro App or our API to get our automated customer recommendations. All you have to do for this is to enter some sample customer names. Our application analyzes our database regarding your customers and provides you with tailor-made suggestions for further contact.