Integrations with Implisense API


Companies and Markets was developed on the basis of the Implisense API developed since 2013. The Implisense API is a powerful data service that can be used via a programmable interface for individual questions in the context of company data. With this data service, other companies can, for example, include current suppliers in their online shop or optimize supplier management in their procurement solution. If you also frequently work with company data and are looking for possibilities to increase data quality and research processes, we invite you to visit the information page for Implisense API.

Implisense API

The Implisense API can support you in all important sales and marketing use cases. This includes finding new potential customers (Outbound Lead Generation), qualifying and evaluating incoming inquiries (Inbound Lead Qualification / Scoring) as well as managing existing customers (Account Intelligence).

The Implisense API is a REST API that provides data in JSON format. All common programming languages support the creation of client software that can integrate this data. The authentication is done by a token provided by Implisense, which you can use with the "Basic Authentication" method to gain access to the individual endpoints of the API.

Implisense on RapidAPI Marketplace

If you are interested in an integration of company master data into your end system (e.g. CRM, MAS, ERP), you can also start right away and use our master data API on the RapidAPI marketplace:

German Company Data API

There you will receive a small contingent free of charge to try out. All processes, such as authentication and billing, are taken over directly by the marketplace.

Integration with Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects numerous applications such as Gmail, Slack, or MailChimp. You can connect two or more applications to automate repetitive tasks without programming or relying on developers to create the integration.

The Implisense API is also available in a beta version by invitation. This allows company data to be automatically integrated into the numerous applications that are also available. These applications include CRM systems, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Or marketing automation tools, such as Intercom or Marketo.

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