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Companies and Markets is a service of Implisense GmbH. Here you can test a small part of our Big Data Analytics free of charge and explore the German company landscape.

The provided search is based on websites which could be assigned to companies by text mining with a high probability. You can search flexibly for any signal words on these websites and define your very specific target group.

An end-user example of how to find companies using certain technologies with Companies and Markets, such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Zapier, Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook or MailChimp, can be found here

If you have chosen an interesting selection, you can request it here at Implisense. We will generate the complete list and contact you with a non-binding offer. Standard data records are charged at € 0.30 per company and contain not only address data, but also information from the areas of internet presence and legal matters. Specifically, this includes telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, website, legal form, local court, type and number of commercial register, links to social media profiles, date of incorporation and share capital. Not all information is available for all companies. Lists with less than 70 company matches will be billed with a minimum order value of 19.99 €.


We will use your email address exclusively for the purpose of processing your offer. Information on data protection and rights of withdrawal.

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For more detailed inquiries please visit our page about Implisense Leads.

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