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Iris Capital was named as an investment company in the context of Data Invest GmbH.
In the context of Data Invest GmbH C3 IoT was named as Tech Company.
S&P Global was named as Forbes 2000 member in the context of Data Invest GmbH.
In the context of Data Invest GmbH Cloudera was named as Tech Company.
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Managing Director of Data Invest GmbH are called.

Products and services

The Data Invest GmbH is statistically mentioned mainly in the context of the following products and services. The most frequently mentioned products and services are Analytics and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Value-added promises

Expertise, Innovation and Savvy are among the statistically most striking value-added promises of the Data Invest GmbH.

Data Invest GmbH
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Technology Profile

The technologies and technological concepts Big Data (not specified), AI (not specified) and Hadoop are partically addressed in job advertisments and news of the company Data Invest GmbH.



  • image/svg+xml Commercial register:Würzburg, HRB 13718
  • image/svg+xml Management:Maximilian Gluchowski
  • image/svg+xml Economic stateCompany is economically active

Industry and Size

  • image/svg+xml Main industry:IT
  • image/svg+xml Size (Revenue / Employees):micro-sized company