A selection of 7.168 companies for Industrial Iot from industry IT in Germany

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    Hitachi Vantara GmbH
  • image/svg+xml Dreieich
  • image/svg+xml +49 6103 8040
  • ... The promised properties of 5G for massive scale connectivity ( IoT ), very low latency and very high bandwidth (order of scale vs 4G) will ...
  • image/svg+xml Köln
  • image/svg+xml +49 221 91610
  • ... „Manufacturing“ und „Automotive Supplier“ zu Themen wie Industrial IoT und Industrie 4.0. Vor dem Eintritt in die Detecon war der diplomierte ...
  • image/svg+xml Düsseldorf
  • image/svg+xml +49 211 4369890
  • ... Egde Gateways • Edge Gateway beinhaltet die MIIMETIQ EGDE IoT -Plattform von NEXIONA und garantiert Nutzern somit volle Kontrolle über ihre ...
  • image/svg+xml Hamburg
  • image/svg+xml +49 40 36844840
  • ... the same time builds the foundation for a sustainable, urban IoT infrastructure. Jonas Böttinger, Project Manager at Bosch Connected Devices ...
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    IoTOS GmbH
  • image/svg+xml Limburg
  • image/svg+xml +49 6431 968570
  • ... Geschäftsmodelle implementieren: dafür steht IoTOS ( IoT Operating System). Erschließen Sie mit uns die Potenziale der Industrie ...
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    Janz Tec AG
  • image/svg+xml Paderborn
  • image/svg+xml +49 5251 15500
  • ... | Blog | Kontakt | Newsletter Menu IoT Ecosystem Devices Communication Industrial Security IoT Applications ...
  • image/svg+xml München
  • image/svg+xml +49 89 627090
  • ... damit Ihre Applikation im Bereich Big Data, BA/BI oder IoT noch leistungsfähiger und besser gerüstet für wachsende Datenmengen und ...
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    DriveLock SE
  • image/svg+xml München
  • image/svg+xml +49 89 54636490
  • ... Branchen Behörden Finanzinstitutionen Gesundheitswesen Industrial IoT | ICS Compliance EU-DSGVO EUROSOX ISO 27001 KRITIS SERVICES Consulting ...
  • image/svg+xml Germering
  • image/svg+xml +49 89 4111910
  • ... separate announcement. 2. Referrals and links Advantech Service- IoT GmbH is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his ...
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    WEBfactory GmbH
  • image/svg+xml Buchen Odenwald
  • image/svg+xml +49 164845
  • ... the platform for your IIoT applications. i4connected, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform from WEBfactory, connects your plants ...
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Segmentation of the companies to the search query "Industrial Iot"

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    Firms, companies and other organizations to "Industrial Iot" are noticeably frequent in Berlin Innenstadt, München Mitte-Nordwest, Stuttgart, Fellbach, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Filderstadt.
    Size of companies from this list by turnover and number of employees: small company (37.67 %), micro-sized company (33.75 %), medium-sized company (27.09 %) and large company (1.48 %).

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    You have used the industry filter "IT". According to the German Federal Statistical Office, the official name for this branch of industry is "Computer programming, consultancy and related activities". The official description of this industry with the code "J62" is: "This division includes the following activities of providing expertise in the field of information technologies: writing, modifying, testing and supporting software; planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software and communication technologies; on-site management and operation of clients' computer systems and/or data processing facilities; and other professional and technical computer-related activities.".

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    Based on our model for the automatic classification of company objects, the following industry sector is relevant for this search query: Wholesale trade.

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    The evaluation by our text mining algorithms has shown that Hitachi Vantara GmbH, Detecon International GmbH, exceet Secure Solutions GmbH, ZENNER IoT Solutions GmbH, IoTOS GmbH, Janz Tec AG, TransAction Software GmbH, DriveLock SE, Advantech Service-IoT GmbH and WEBfactory GmbH and the other companies from this list share the following characteristics:
    Our website analysis shows that companies in this selection rely noticeably frequently on the work form workshops (58.62 %) in comparison to the national average. The infrastructural characteristic computer center (40.37 %) is especially frequently mentioned in comparison to the nationwide average. Our website analysis points to the following product features, which are particularly frequently highlighted by companies from this list: design (71.60 %), innovation (64.79 %), straightforwardness (64.73 %) and effectiveness (57.58 %). It is likely that these companies cooperate with manufacturers such as SAP (50.43 %), Cisco (46.55 %), Microsoft (42.33 %), Oracle (38.94 %) and Siemens (35.17 %) or purchase and distribute their products. In marketing, sales and communication with customers, the recognized companies rely above average on webinars (77.22 %) and slideshare (73.28 %). In addition, the companies in this selection use sales offices (63.21 %) unusually frequently for the distribution of their offers. There are statistical indications of an increased activity in the region Asia (28.03 %). According to our analysis companies in the context of "Industrial Iot" emphasize especially values as pragmatism (63.96 %), transparency (38.35 %) and continuity (24.47 %).

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